What’s this vegetable? Kabocha Squash 

Kabocha Squash (aka Japanese Pumpkin) It is a type of winter squash Strong yet sweet flavor and moist, fluffy texture like chestnuts Hard on the outside with knobby looking skin. It is shaped like a squat pumpkin and has an intense yellow-orange color on the inside.  Exceptionally sweet flavor, sweeter than butternut squash. They are similarbin… Continue reading What’s this vegetable? Kabocha Squash 

Week 16 CSA Bags

Hello All,  This week’s bags are colorful! We hope you enjoyed last week’s and are ready for some more fall to make an appearance into the bags!  Full Share:  Onions Cauliflower or Chinese Cabbage Tomatoes Zucchini Peppers Eggplant Butternut Squash Cherry Tomatoes Kale Sweet Potatoes Apples Half share: Chinese Cabbage/Cauliflower Tomatoes Apple’s Zucchini Onions Peppers… Continue reading Week 16 CSA Bags